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Need an Information Technology Professional?  Which Software do we buy? What hardware and/or software is appropriate for the task at hand?

What if I have a 64bit  Operating System and my 'MAIN' software doesn't work with it?

I don't want to spend too much saving this machine, but I can't loose the data on it. What do I do?

Where do I begin if I want a web site? How much is it? How do I know what price is too much to spend?

You need your data backed up but you're not sure where the files are located and you are scared you will loose something important. There are all kinds of Backup Programs out there, on-line and local, which ones right for my situation?

Your machine is running sluggish and/or hangs up sometimes. Is it RAM? Video Drivers? Malware infections? A virus?

You don't know which way to turn in the complex world of Antivirus Software, Anti Malware, Dataminers, and Pop-Up Blockers.

Your Windows Server's RAID drive array won't boot and the entire company is sitting on their thumbs, while you pay them!

We will provide answers for the hard to understand questions that companies, and home users, are faced with daily, concerning upgrading, internet technology, e-mail, webpage design, website administration, networking, communications, Server Installation and upgrades, etc.

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