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Windows 7 Professional
Secure and  Fast!
and we build custom
Enjoy 640 AM Christian Radio in your car in the Mid-South
All-in-One solution for your Computer
Network/ IT/ Wireless/ Support needs
and more!
All Access Technical has provided support for literally hundreds of  companies and two national chains over the last twenty years.  Hardware, software, networks, servers, data and communications  support, etc.
Call us to upgrade your Server, or install a brand new Server and  turn your small workgroup into a Domain.   
We diagnose and solve network, hardware and software problems,  virus infections, data loss, installation failures, website errors, 'blue  screen of death' errors, failing DSL/Cable connections, email  errors, backup problems, Internet connection problems, and much,  much more.
Let us install your large screen TV and set up a Windows 7  Multimedia PC, as a controller, for a truly modern audio/visual  experience..
We recommend iBackup  CLOUD Storage We recommend using AVG Antivirus!
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