Here's what our clients are saying about All Access Technical's new AATSupportTool:


The AATSUPPORT is a fantastic product. I sat in the comfort of my home office on a Saturday morning, downloaded the program from an email, called Pat, opened the program to give him access, and voila! Within an hour most of my issues were solved, and Pat added suggestions to resolve the few he couldn't (as getting rid of my expensive virus software which was slowing down my computer even more). I would highly recommend this service to anyone....saved me a lot of time by not having to set aside half a day to prepare for Pat's arrival; gotta have the office presentable and the desk uncluttered :) ....and also saved money by not having to pay a travel fee since I live in the boonies. It was quick and more than worth the VERY affordable fee.....I would highly recommend this mode of technical support to everyone.



Everything is working much better.   
I was online surfing from A to Z, something I haven't been able to do easily for quite a while.
Thanks Pat,
Wayne Vick
We are very pleased with your work.  It is a lot faster now.


All Access Technical thanks all of you for being our loyal customers and we pledge to give you the best technical service and honest prices every day!

We invite you to try AATSupport Tool (remember to contact me before you run the tool. I have to be in my office to help you).

 Email pat@allaccesstech.com or Call now (901) 652-0947 to set up a speedy appointment.